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Setting up a Gatsby site, and Remembering How to be a Developer!

February 26, 2019

I’ve always called myself a developer, but I’m not one. That’s been the case for the last few years, but it’s a strange thing to admit.

I took a managerial role with no hands-on coding. I’d been a manager before, but always doing development work, too. And I love management. I enjoy the broader strategic view, being able to mentor and support talent. I think I’m good at it, and it’s still my career direction.

But I started to miss coding. I miss it for the enjoyment it gives me, building things and solving problems. It’s also important for me as a manager. I’m managing developers. It’s not good for me, or them, if I’m too removed from their day-to-day work.

This Gatsby blog is part of a resolution to remember to be a maker, as well as a manager. And it has brought home quite how rusty I am!

It’s a basic installation of the gatsby-starter-blog. It’s hosted on Netlify. But here are the simple changes I’ve made to date. And a couple of things that have tripped me up.

Sortable blog post folders, but readable slugs

I thought all the posts in the /blog folder could get disorganized. I wanted to add some date organization to the posts, but I didn’t want all my blog post slugs to include those dates. I made a small change to gatsby-node.js.

const value = createFilePath({ node, getNode })

changed to

const value = createFilePath({ node, getNode }).replace(/\d{8}--/, '')

I can name all post folders in the sortable format YYYYMMDD--name-of-post. But the slug will remove the date prefix, and will be name-of-post.

View the Pull Request

Updated the typography.js theme, and fixed a font color issue

I changed the type theme to the Judah theme. I also needed to install the Vollkorn and Roboto-Condensed theme. This was all easy using npm packages.

I updated link colors by creating a global.css file. This worked fine when running gatsby develop locally. When I create the static build, though, those colors kept getting overriden. So half my links were the correct color, and the other half were inheriting #e51937.

Still not sure where that hex value was being generated (it shows up in render-page.js). But I deleted the global.css and instead used overrideThemeStyles in /utils/typography.js. This seems to apply the correct link styling.

View the Pull Request

Added more “frontmatter” to blog posts

“Frontmatter” is metadata for each blog post. By default, there is a title and date value. The Gatsby blog starter also generates a description for each blog post from an excerpt of the text.

I wanted post-specific keywords, and a curated post description instead of an auto-generated one.

Each blog post now has the following frontmatter:

title: Title of post
description: Curated description
date: "YYYY-MM-DD"
keywords: [array, of, keywords]

I added my new values to gatsby-node.js:

frontmatter {

And then I updated the SEO section of src/template/blog-post.js:

    description={post.frontmatter.description || ...}
    keywords={post.frontmatter.keywords || ...} 

After doing that, the blog posts still weren’t pulling the new information from each post. Jason Lengstorf pointed out that I might need to actually query the frontmatter in the blog template!

export const pageQuery = graphql`
 query BlogPostBySlug($slug: String!) {
   markdownRemark(fields: { slug: { eq: $slug } }) {
     frontmatter {
       date(formatString: "MMMM DD, YYYY")

Now everything works correctly. I have a little more control over the SEO for individual blog posts.

View the Pull Request

It’s early days in my refresher project!

I feel like someone who knows a foreign language, hasn’t spoken it for a few years, and then visits that country again. I’m rusty, but the underlying philosophy and practice of coding is still familiar.

I needed a project to get excited about independent of re-learning development. Getting back into writing, and setting up a blog, is something I wanted to do anyway. Now I have motivation to build a good platform for that writing. And that forces me to write more code.

A few things on the agenda:

  • Fix some analytics stuff
  • Some proper styling throughout the site. Not only a downloaded theme and link colors.
  • Adding search (once there are a few more posts to search).
  • Categories and tags for posts, and category/tag pages.
  • Maybe adding commenting functionality (haven’t decided if I want it).

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